A comprehensive range of gardening products at our garden centre in Newhouse

At Greenside Garden Centre, you can find all the gardening products you need for your outside space. Situated in Newhouse, Lanarkshire, we also have another location called Brookside in Larkhall. We appreciate that every gardener is different and our extensive range of stock is available to gardeners of every level.

Your professional BBQ supplier

As a family-friendly business, Greenside Garden Centre appreciate that there is no better way to enjoy time with your friends and family than having a BBQ. As a professional BBQ supplier, we offer products to suit any need and budget. When it comes to garden furniture, we provide a complete range, including:

  • Garden tables and chairs
  • Garden sofas, benches, love seats, swinging benches
  • Garden Lighting including solar lighting, pathfinders, string lights, lanterns
  • Planters and Pots, Hanging Baskets, Coco Basket Liners – from budget to premium
  • Bird Tables, Bird Baths, Bird Feeders and Bird Seed & Feed
  • Garden Hoses, Outdoor Tap kits, Outdoor Tap protectors, Hose Attachments, Watering Cans,
  • Gas & Charcoal BBQ’s (we are a registered supplier of FloGas)
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Gardening tools and essentials

Whether you are planning to grow plants in your garden or build a shed to store equipment, Greenside Garden Centre caters to all your needs. We accept and sell National Garden Gift Vouchers on all our gardening products. Our assortment of budget to premium gardening tools and planning essentials include:

Greenside Garden Centre
  • Spades, shovels, garden forks, hand forks, trowels, brushes and brooms, buckets
  • Brands include Kent & Stowe
  • Propagators, Potting on Trays, Garden Thermometers, Garden Netting, Soil Testing Kits, Garden Twine, Plant Labels
  • Plant Food, Lawncare, Garden Fertiliser
  • Clean paths and patios
  • Weedkillers, Path & Patio Cleaners (such as Algon)


Greenside Garden Centre

Visit our store today and find the gardening products to meet your exact needs.